Toby Leeds

Toby Leeds

PT & CrossFit Coach



Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Weightlifting

Level 2 Nutrition and Health

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About Toby

Toby has been doing CrossFit for just over 2 years, after a 5 year background in triathlon/Iron-man training. He came from this thinking it would be an easy transition due to a high level of CV fitness…. WRONG!!
His favourite thing about CrossFit is that not only is it fun there is always something to work on. It gives that GPP for everyday life and will make you a better all round person, ready for anything. The people involved in CrossFit are also what keeps him coming back to the gym day after day.
Toby loves a heavy snatch or something involving the assault bike (he secretly loves it because everyone else hates it ?)