Javier De Esteban Gonzalez

Javier De Esteban Gonzalez

PT & CrossFit Coach

email: jdestglz@gmail.com


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Physical Education and Personal training Upper Technician,“New trends in Personal training” Course

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About Javier

Javier started CrossFit in 2014, and it's been one of the best choices he has made, as it has changed his lifestyle, body and mind.
Javi has always been into sports, he started playing basketball back in Spain when he was 14 and became a semi-professional player, developing his short (but intense!) career in different cities like Madrid, Albacete and Ciudad Real.
Meanwhile, he obtained his “Basketball Coach Certificate” and finished his P.E/P.T Upper Technician Course.
Javier stopped playing basketball when he was finishing his Primary School Teaching Degree (P.E Specialist) as he had to be focused on his studies, and started going to a normal gym, basically doing a bit of bodybuilding.
In 2014, he moved to UK, trying to develop his teaching career and looking for new job opportunities, when CrossFit got in his way and turned his fitness concept upside down.
After a year doing CrossFit at the box, he started to look up for different CrossFit qualification in order to become a CrossFit trainer, he completed the CFL1 Course in London in 2016 and Carl and Claire provided the chance to work with them at the box.
CrossFit brings us that body-mind balance that we need in our daily life, surrounding ourselves by positive people, being a part of a great community and helping each other out.