Specialist Fitness Facility for CrossFitters & Dance Enthusiasts

Classes & Opening

Trial members

What are you waiting for it’s easy!

1. Use the floating menu in the top left of the website to add yourself as a customer.

2. Your customer account will be automatically gifted with a free CrossFit Class pass. Please use this pass to book into a CrossFit class, from our schedule, at a time that suits you.

3. Just show up, the coach will be informed that you are new and will meet, greet and help to guide you through your first visit with us. Including answering any questions you may have.

New to CrossFit? Don’t worry! Our trainers will scale all movements to meet each members unique fitness levels. Please do not feel intimidated, CrossFit is universally scalable so that everyone can enjoy.

If you come across any problems or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Existing members Please use the members tab for the live class booking system Teamup.

Age ranges for CrossFit Kids classes:

Minis (3-5 years)

Kids (6-12 years)

Teens (13-17 years)